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AAA Frequency Coordination Services - Effective March 9, 2023

Schedule of Fees

Mobile / Hand-Held Only Frequency 1st (VHF or UHF)


Mobile / Hand-Held Only - Each Add'l Frequency or Add'l Location (VHF or UHF)


FXO 1st Frequency / Location


FXO Each Additional Frequency / Location


Simplex (FB/MO) Frequency 1st (VHF or UHF)


Simplex (FB/MO) Frequency Each Add'l Frequency or Add'l Location (VHF or UHF)


Frequency Pair (FB2) 1st (VHF or UHF)


Frequency Pair (FB2) Each Additional Pair or Additional Location (VHF or UHF)


FB6 / FB8 Pair 1st


FB6 / FB8 Additional Pair or Additional Location


800-900MHz Per Pair Per Location


Basic Processing Fee


License Renewal Per Call Sign


Filing Administrative Update Per License


FCC Filing Fee - Modification or CMRS (PTAA)


FCC Regulatory Fee - New or Renewal (PALR)

$100.00 5

FCC Processing Fee - Renewal (PTAJ)


FCC Fee for Waiver - Per Application (PTAH)


FCC Regulatory Fee for Frequencies Above 470MHz (PALS)


Narrow-Banding - Please see Footnotes 3 and 7 below - Effective January 1, 2014


  1. Frequency Coordination fees are assessed on a per frequency (Mobile simplex; FB/MO simplex) or per pair (FB2) basis.

  2. FB8 and/or 800-900MHz systems require extensive engineering and additional fees may be assessed for any contour and interference studies. Call for pricingand pre-coordination options.

  3. Basic Processing covers the increase in mobile units or FX1 stations (meet 6.1 meter rule) and minor corrections (reductions in power, ERP or units or the deletion of locations or frequencies). Basic Processing ALSO includes the change to Narrow-Band Emissions with only a reduction in bandwidth as well as ANY Emission Designator changes for 800MHz and 900MHz.

  4. An Administrative Update ONLY covers correction to the Licensee and Contact Representative's mailing address, phone numbers, and email address as well as updating or adding Primary Control Points. The increase the number of mobile units or control stations is considered a regular modification.

  5. This filing fee is the $100.00 regulatory fee for the ten-year duration of the license.

  6. This filing fee is the $250.00 regulatory fee for the ten-year duration of the license.

  7. Any licensees changing to narrow-band digital emissions should call for pricing. Modifying 800MHz and 900MHz to digital emissions is a “Basic Processing Fee” per call sign.

  8. For Renewal/Modifications, this fee is in addition to the $95.00 processing and $100.00 regulatory fee charged by the FCC.

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