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Frequency Coordination

Thank you for inquiring about AAA’s frequency coordination services.  AAA uses the services of RadioSoft, Inc. to perform frequency coordinations for AAA clubs and other customers. 

Using the links to the left, you will find helpful information to determine if you need frequency coordination and the AAA Frequency Coordination (AAA F/C) services, policies and fees.  Frequency Coordination rules are covered in section 90.175 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  Other FCC rules and policies apply.

AAA F/C processes some types of applications associated with section 90.35of the Code of Federal Regulations.  You must obtain the permission of AAA F/C to use a frequency with the designation “LA” in the coordinator column (see section 90.35(2)(iv).  If you are filing for a Part 90.20 Public Safety frequency you must use the services of a public safety frequency coordinator.

Things that do not require frequency coordination but may require a FCC license:Applying for a FCC FRN number, GMRS radio frequencies require a license that is obtained directly from the FCC, licenses for itinerant channels, increasing the number of mobile units below 470 MHz, cancel a license, change the mailing address, changes in name of licensee that do not involve changes in ownership/control or corporate structure, change in the location or number of station control points, and change to a narrower emission designator when in the 150 – 174 MHz and 421 – 512 MHz bands.

AAA F/C will process these types of applications for applicants as a service but it is not part of the frequency coordination process.  The service fees are covered in the AAA Frequency Coordination Fees Section, Filing applications that do not require Frequency Coordination heading.

How to update your radio station license:  You are urged to use the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS) WEB site to make alterations to license information that does not require frequency coordination, including renewals.  ULS fee payments can be made using some major credit cards.  Go to to find out more about ULS.  You may also write to the FCC at:  Federal Communications Commission, 1270 Fairfield Road, Gettysburg, PA 17325 to request license changes.  Reference the call sign and changes in your letter.  The letter should come from the designated contact person on the license or most recently filed radio station application.  

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